Righttobuy.coop is a social enterprise that is owned and operated by its members for people to gain help and support when buying their council or housing association homes.


There is an easier way of buying your home. Each year we help more and more people find their way through the Right to Buy and Right to Acquire process. We provide support and advice and can take people through home buying procedures with a wealth of knowledge and experience, so there is always somebody to turn too. We run Right to Buy Seminars, which are teaching people how to budget financially for their new homes and how to save money and prevent getting into debt. We have also just launched RTB123 which saves you any upfront costs which are normally associated with buying a property. We offer our services in partnership with local councils and housing associations because we believe that there is a need for an independent service which tenants can trust to have their best interests at heart at all times.


We are a group of people who are passionate about helping people buy their homes, supporting those who get confused when making such a large decision. We are totally reliant on our members and individuals who share our heart to support our work as we receive no government funding. We currently have a vision of being able to help people in every town and city in the UK so we can reach everyone needing advice as quickly as we can.


Unlike fee-charging companies, our service is funded by partner companies, not paid for by clients. This is made possible by the contributions that financial and legal firms make to us when you choose to use our affiliated partners. As a result, our advice to those in need is genuinely free. It’s based on what’s best for them, not what’s profitable for us.
We’re a social enterprise, so unlike many other advisors and companies we’re not driven by profits or shareholders. Instead, our advice is always free and our priority is always you.


As a Social Enterprise we abide by the following values;

  1. Our business has a clear social or environmental mission that is set out in its governing documents.
  2. We are an independent business and we earn more than half of our income through trading (or we are working towards this)
  3. We are controlled or owned in the interests of our social mission
  4. We reinvest or give away at least half our profits or surpluses towards our social purpose
  5. We are transparent about how we operate and the impact that we have

Looking to buy your Home? It's easy with Right To Buy Co-op, find out more, it's free and takes less than 30 seconds.