Right to Buy Process

The Right to Buy process can be very simple or very complex and every case is different due to Legal, Financial or Valuation reasons.

Here at Right to Buy Co-op we understand the process from start to finish and proactively hold the hands of tenants throughout the entire purchase without cost.

We have years of experience in helping tenants save time, money and stress and the process below gives you an insight into how we guide you through the Right to Buy Process.

The first step is to make sure that you are eligible.


We assess your eligibility for Right to Buy, by:

–       Performing an initial assessment of your eligibility and level of discount

–       Carrying out a financial assessment to ensure that you have the financial capacity to buy

–       Providing assistance to you by completing the Right to Buy or Right to Acquire application form

–       Performing an initial assessment of the estimated value of your property



      We act as a single point of advice and guidance to you for your Right to Buy application, by:

–       Answering your general questions and providing information on the Right to Buy;

–       Making sure that you are aware of your statutory rights and duties

–       Helping you work out your costs

–       Ensuring that you are aware of the financial implications related to your purchase including applicable leaseholder responsibilities and charges and (for Buy to Let investments) landlord responsibilities

–       Helping you with your mortgage requirements by passing your details to a mortgage broker of your choice.



We will ensure that delays through the right to buy process are kept to a minimum, by:

–       Advising you of statutory timescales

–       Assisting you with the issuing of delay notices;

–       Ensuring that you do not unduly delay the Right to Buy process;

–       Liaising with the landlord on behalf of you in relation to easing delays from both sides

–       Escalating serious delays by landlords to the Department for Communities and Local Government